WordPress Dev Environment: VSCode – Code Completion and Debugging

In the past, I have used various tools to edit codes, from full-featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to simple text editors. Around this past 5 months, I have been using Visual Studio Code (shorten to VSCode) for my programming and text editing. The applications suited my needs in working with a variety of programming languages and also…

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WordPress Dev Environment: Xdebug

One essential process in development is debugging. One tool which can help this process tremendously is Xdebug which allow us to add breakpoints in codes and see what variables are passing and the contents of the variables when the application running. This allows us to debug the codes if we see mistakes in the variables.…

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WordPress Dev Environment:​ Local Server

WordPress is PHP based so we need a local server for our development. There are numerous alternatives for this purpose such as XAMPP, MAMP, DesktopServer, etc. I myself prefer to use XAMPP for development. You can get it in XAMPP Download Page. In Mac version, you can choose regular XAMPP version or the VM (Virtual Machine).…

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